Stagestalker Entertainment presents 2Edge’s first solo release, “While I’m Still Breathin” which drops May 12th, 2009. This South Florida native is better known for his contributions to the crew 1Way (Proverb and DJ Morph) but it’s a new day. This album is compiled with some of the highest powered production from Tony Stone (Trip Lee, Braille and Flame), G-Styles (Lecrae, DJ Morph and Rhema Soul), Teddy P (R-Swift, Young Joshua and The Cross Movement), Fred Aviles and Elemental.

2Edge is accompanied by various established artist along side up and coming emcees (Mac The Doulos of Everyday Process, DJ Morph, Mark J, Young Joshua, Eddie Nigma, G-Notes, K-Nuff of Rhema Soul, Break Bread and Proverb of 1Way).

2Edge fuses his east coast style with sounds that reaches out much further than what he’s done before with 1Way. The new diverse swag is guided by gritty beats, dirty south bangers, feel good anthems and a few smooth out worship focused tracks. The vehicle may be different but the direction is still Christ centered. The focus is heart felt driven lyrics of many different experiences and testimonies of God’s grace and mercy. The message is still Christ being the answer to this world’s every need.

It’s plain and simple; Christ is represented well over music you like to hear. This album is here to lift up and proclaim the Name of Christ even after there is no more breath left to take. This album will be available on itunes and many other websites for downloads on the release date. You can check for 2Edge at