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“Do not conform to the ways of this world…” – Romans 12:2

I’ve been perusing this website the past few weeks, in order to get a sense of who is on here, and what is their interest. Granted, I’ve been a fan of Rapzilla for some time, but as a guest writer, I wanted to get a bigger picture of who the regulars are on here. I’ve concluded the obvious: there are fans of music, aspiring artists, established artists, and past artists. Our common thread is that, on some level, we all participate in this niche we’ve created.

Call it what you want: Holy Hip Hop, Christian Rap, etc. There are various opinions out there as to what avenues should be taken, scripturally, in order to be a “legitimate” and effective minister of the gospel, using rap music as the format. I won’t be getting into that, though. What I will request, as your guest writer, is that I not be placed into a category of “left” or “right” due to present or past affiliations. My bottom line is, and will always be, the question of effective music. Is our music pulling heartstrings? Is our music compelling humans to consider God, reestablish relationship with God, grow in God, and recognize the redemption we have been offered in Christ Jesus?

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A pattern I’ve established in my life, both present and past, is one of obsession. Our culture has established a means to gauge “success” through numbers. Dollars and followers determine one’s “level.” In the case of our subculture, some gauge success through tour dates, record sales, and even “souls saved” at events. I’m not one to criticize these accomplishments, but rather, I would like us to consider if they are a distraction. I know they distract me. I find myself in conversations with fellow Believers, particularly ones whom I’ve met due to our common interest in music, and the talk often seems to steer in the wrong direction. Soundscans, downloads, publishing, strategy, criticism, frustration, envy, pride, boasting, publicity, marketing, performance, gossip, hypocrisy, and on and on the conversations go.

Somewhere in the mix, I remember the root of the conversation had something to do with making disciples, and utilizing God’s gifts in order to set the groundwork.

My encouragement to us all, today, is to check our hearts. Does our enthusiasm for music detract us from its purpose? As a fan, an artist, or any other role we may play, what is the root of our enthusiasm? Our subculture will soon be gone, and another will take its place. Has our passion morphed into obsession? I hope my transformation in Him is evident and first in my life, and that each conversation stems from that truth.

Sometimes I’ll get deep, other times, I’ll keep it light. I’m glad to be up here, though, and look forward to building up.


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