Home Press Releases Carnival “Population Of Invisible People” Releases On July 28th

Carnival “Population Of Invisible People” Releases On July 28th

Carnival “Population Of Invisible People” Releases On July 28th


Population of Invisible People” is the National debut album from veteran hip-hop super-group, Carnival coming straight out of Youngstown, OH.  Carnival has been together for 15+ years as a group and has seen many changes in their lives personally as well as spiritually in that time.  Carnival grew up listening to all styles of music from rock, hip-hop/rap, soul etc.  Our first Christian rap album was Michael Peace then we got T-Bone, Nuwine and Lil Raskull who took it to a whole new level.


“ “When we heard them we knew that this was the call on our lives for ministry period. So we pushed ourselves with the support of our families letting us rap in church with our notebooks in hand.  We all have lost our fathers during this process so, we all have something major in common. To make a long story short we began our ministry and fifteen years later here we are now.  The longevity just proves that God was not done with us and he’s still not; this is just a new beginning for us now” says Sean Robinson of Carnival.  “Population of Invisible People” is an album with fifteen tracks + a special bonus cut for which the group Carnival seeks to be a voice for the people who are not heard, the ones who have no voice, for the ones who cry out for help and feel nothing. Carnival simply means: a moving show with signs and wonders. Brandon Robinson of Carnival describes the groups sound as, “a mesh of old school to new school hip-hop with hints of R&B which ultimately has an original sound all its own.”

The producer of this project is none other than veteran, Kevin Deane(Mary J. Blige, Naturally 7, Tina Turner, Al B. Sure, The Winans).  Also the album features a new beat-production team in, Tone-Beatz a long time friend of the group from Ohio. 

The first single, “B.E.Z.” is a soulful, uplifting song that tells people don’t magnify the problem, magnify the problem solver.  Some other noteworthy tracks are, “Passion”(featuring Canton Jones), “Are You Serious”(featuring Naturally 7), “Foundation”(featuring D-M.A.U.B.), “Gon Postal”(featuring Tha Gim) plus many others. 

Carnival have shared the stage with the likes of Tre 9, K- Drama, Everyday Process, DJ- Morph, Hezekiah Walker, DJ UNK, Pettidee, Grits, Mr. Del, and Canton Jones, plus a long list of other artists  throughout the years.


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