Last week we announced Ahmad (of 4th Avenue Jones) signing with Syntax Records [READ]. Here are lyrics that Ahmad wrote from his upcoming album entitled “The Death of Me”.

The Death of Me (Verse 1)
I knew this kid in Killa Cali named Lil Mod
Freestyle or written he spittin’ it hard
Seen him battle rappers and rip’em all apart
People started bumping his music in their cars
On the boulevards he’s winning them awards
Making money associated with the stars
#1 with a bullet all up on the charts
Coppin’ Louis Vutton just so he can floss
All the groupies on him and giving him the drawz
At 17, like Nas, “The World’s Yours”
But he got bored with partying to him it’s bunk
Sitting alone, depressed, rolling a blunt
Got the money and women that ain’t what he want
He wants some peace, he wants joy, he wanna jump!
‘Cause he’s tired of living like he’s in a slump
Heard him praying “Lord go head and take me if you want”
He gave his heart to God
People mocked Ahmad
Because he got with God
His label dropped Ahmad
But they ain’t stop Ahmad
Got the cross of Christ
Even if it costs my life

Can I live? This might be the death of me
Can I live? I don’t mind it though
Can I live? If it is the death of me
Can I live? It’s my time to go

Smile (Verse 2)
Is it really that bad?
Was he worth that?
Was it really gon’ last
End of your life?
Or is it just cash?
Is you gon’ die?
Or is it gon’ pass?
Cash kind of low
But you fashionable
Whip is tore
But you mashing it though
I used to have dough
Glad God gave me the 3
But I asked for the 4
Then I went broke
Got a little independent deal
Hit the road
Had six in my band
Six in a van
Six hour drive
Then six split a grand
Nothing in my hand but a mic’
I’m let down like a kickstand on your bike
Saw my lil’ man sick his in diap’
I left right then like a windshield wipe
Back to college on the low like a panther
Finished as valedict’ then went to Stanford
And I ain’t paying for it
But I’m gon’ pay it forward
Who gets the glory?
You know I gotta say the Lord

You should be smiling
Big grin all day
It’s almost over
You finna be OK
You should be smiling
Big grin all night
‘Cause when it’s over
You finna be alright