The Return of Tonex

The silence is broken. TON3X is back with a brand new album, “Unspoken.” 8-Time Stellar Award Winner, 2-Time Dove Award Winner and 3-time Grammy Award Nominee TON3X returns after a five year hiatus from dropping a commercial release. Ironically, TON3X breaks his silence with his brand new LP “Unspoken.”

TON3X’s new LP features hard-hitting R&B, Dance and even dabbles into alternative with the lead single ” BLEND “. The timely song addresses the topic of identity in Christ.

Snippets of Unspoken can be heard via TON3X’s myspace and website!

The Official Tracklisting for The new TON3X LP 
”Unspoken” in stores nationally March 17th, 2009 on Battery Records/Sony BMG.

This is not 100% Hip Hop but it’s creativity mixed with some moments of Tonex rapping. Check out the Rapzilla exclusive leak to “Face Down”:

01) Fiyah (feat Vango)

02) Bring It 

03) Joy

04) Glor3x

05) Bl3nd

06) Cool With U

07) Unspoken

08) Again?

09) Love Me 4 Me

10) When I Call

11) Sneeze

12) Wired

13) F@c3 Down


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