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Tha Gim drops Free Album

Tha Gim drops Free Album

Tha Gim (The God In Me) has released his album “II Corinthians 6:16” for free download, read his blog about why he’s doing this and what he has planned. DOWNLOAD NOW.

Tha Gim Writes:

2009 marks the point of an evolution and also a new revolution within me as child of God and disciple of Christ. It marks the point of clarity I have been seeking God for as a man of many dimensions and ambitions, while realizing how dangerously opposite our ways are from His. As I’ve evolved as a man of God, an artist, a husband and a father, I have come to the point that as of January 1st, 2009 I am stepping down from any past care or responsibility upon my self dealing with the business and industry of music, Christian or any other. This means I will not be heading the responsibilities, cares or goals of a “record label” as I have been with my Threatt Muzik imprint. However, I will continue to build ministry partners within the kingdom (in all arenas) and discerningly and fittingly utilize media outlets to promote the Gospel, my developing ministry and music that will all come free of charge. I as a man of God, also known as Tha GIM, will simply operate as the mouth piece for The God In Me Ministry, in hopes to inspire and motivate this generation I was born in, utilizing the abilities and artistic talents I’ve been given.

ImageThe God In Me Ministry’s first release in this new fashion will be the free download album “II Corinthians 6:16”. A title given from the scripture I have used in reference to the term “the God in me” in my past albums’ inside artwork. This album will be available via my myspace.com/thagim page and www.thagim.com site. Through a sponsorship and donation program I will be unfolding alongside this album, I plan to also serve out as many professionally packaged physical copies as God allows of this new project to everyday people, events, ministries and organizations who find it viable for their youth and young adults. I’ve already given away close to 500 cds in the last month to random youth on the streets, youth groups and group homes as a beginning.

Through the last couple years I’ve realized that “Kingdom” business and the “Christian” business is not the same thing, one is about Gods will for our lives and the other is about plain old, money making BUSINESS, to a certain degree selling our Lord and the Gospel under the guise of ministry instead of sowing his love and truth which is ministry unspoken. This is where lines get crossed, Gods word gets taken out of context and oxy-morons arise.

In personally knowing the influence of music, I am willing to use my creativity, my knowledge and the resources I’m blessed with to be of service to the Kingdom while creating music and albums to give to the people as a soundtrack to hope, encouragement and life in the Lord. Anything given to me from my work and efforts in music/ ministry will be of free will and from the heart of those able, inspired and touched by what I do, who want to support and share my brand of music and ministry with others. To me, that is where God dwells and how I will personally operate. I can’t and won’t mix the burdens of the music industry with my everyday, full attention and mind consuming duty as a disciple of our Lord and steward over my family and home. The rest has always been for the love and what comes is extra. I’ve been in, around and a prudent student of the music industry for 12 years now and I am much more excited to see the results of operating in faith merely as an artistic Christian, in the true essence of our covenant in Christ. One of love, the spirit and free will, giving from the heart the gifts and talents I was given from God and receiving back from Him, the SOURCE of all riches on earth and in heaven!

God bless you, please keep me in prayer and stay tuned.

Tha Gim


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