Review – Sean Slaughter – Man on Fire

Sean Slaughter - Man On Fire

Sean Slaughter is an artist that has been candid and straight forward in his approach and his view on the life of a Christian artist. He travels with his father, worship artist Alvin Slaughter and writes blogs for several websites. He drops, “Man of Fire” and he comes off as just that on this one. He features songs with several collaborations that really work to his advantage without those artists overshadowing him.

Dancehall vet, Papa San brings his usual heat on “No Compromise”, a midtempo dirty south piece (with a cool guitar loop). Slaughter speaks of the ills of those who are compromising their lives for the fast life while challenging others to “take up their cross” and really follow Christ. This is a definite banger! It seems that Slaughter was aiming to bring a variety of different styles of music to serve as a backdrop to his hard hitting music. “Flesh Killa” sounds like a throwback from a 70’s Curtis Mayfield with some funky bass and guitar. Slaughter tackles the battles of the flesh, but makes sure that everyone knows that the Spirit man can kill the “fleshly natures” of those who feed their spirit. Crooner JR delivers some retro vocals which go well the music which makes since he also produced this one.

The passion that Slaughter carries is very evident on the title track. He is pulling no punches and he is trying to lead a generation of artists that go straight towards the “hardest” of unbelievers and the kingdom of hell with the Gospel. Lavoiser and one my favorite rappers, Soul P, guests on “Cold World”, and each emcee uniquely paint a vivid image of the ills of street life while they point to Christ as the answer. Epic produces this one that has some siren samples along with a subtle beat.

K-Drama lays down a nice track on “Burn” which is a song is really a chorus that gets a little redundant after all. The passion and the message is well appreciated, and it would probably not sound redundant at all when he performs it live. Right now it is a little redundant. “Wheels Fall Off” is a slow banger that features some hard hitting lyrics, but the chorus sounds a little like some outdated Nelly songs.

“Lord You” Featuring father Alvin Slaughter is a hard hitting song that is a wonderful Praise to God. This is one of the best songs on the album and Alvin’s baritone flows well with the sample and the dope track courtesy of P.I.C.A.S.So. The praise continues with the properly titled, “Praise to the Most”. The high energy track goes well with the hype flow of Slaughter.

Those who like for artists to step out the box, check out “Run” featuring rock group, “Hemotheory”. This is an anthem that will serve to ignite the youth and capture the attention of those who like “rap core” or a fusion of rap and rock. It is so infectious and inspiring! This union of Slaughter and Hemotheory works well and makes you wonder what a whole album together would sound like.

The bangin continues with “Junono” which features a goofy impression of Tony Montana and the one that will only cause you nod your head endlessly, “Break Free” featuring Nina Jean and Sheka.

After listening to “Man on Fire”, I was inspired to go deeper in my relationship with Christ. I think it will do the same for others. This is an impressive release even with the few misses that are on the album. Sean Slaughter has that knack to challenge folks without coming off as condemning and condescending. “Man of Fire” is meant to ignite a flame in all who listens.

Label: Indie

Release Date: Late 2008

1. Man On Fire
2. Flesh Killa ft. J.R
3. Lord You ft. Alvin Slaughter
4. No Compromise ft. Papa San
5. Run ft. Hemotheory
6. The What In The Ham Sandwich?! Show
7. Conkrete Angelz
8. Pinnochio
9. Whats His Name?
10. Break Free
11. Wheelz Fall Off
12. Burn
13. Junono
14. Praise To The Most
15. Cold World ft. Lavoisier and Soul P
16. Materialism
17. 1 Mississippi ft. Saviors Advocate
18. Poppin’ Junk


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