Nashville Christian Rappers Unite

Nashville rappers unite and form a new group called the BrotherHood (BH). These young men and one lady represent, not only the streets, but a Higher Power. Their swagger is just as cool as those cats on the block. In fact, most of them were just on the block. However, their lives were spared through the anointing of Jesus Christ. Now, these brothers have banded together to spread the word to the hood. Don’t get it twisted; these are not your soap box preacher type choir boys. As Wu-tang paved the way for secular artists to emulate brotherhood, BH is the example of true family.

The beginning of the “BrotherHood” is like any other story. However, their journey is unique due to their ability to appreciate each other flaws. In 2005, four guys with very different agendas realized that their strengths and talents together are more powerful than theirs as individuals. Thus, UnCommon, T-Dogg, Midnyte Sun, and OldHEAD, got together and drafted other s to their cause.

The current group of 16, has released various works of music as individual artist, but now has joined forces for a solid new album lea by the hit single “BrotherHood”! The song was produced by “BrotherHood”’s own T-Dogg, who has produced for Grits, Pettidee, and Verbs. With the soulful sounds of UnCommon, aka The “Bo Jackson” of Gospel Music, on the hook, the verses are laced with features from 12 multitalented “BH” artists, who were all willing to shorten their verse for the sake of the next brother. Yung Heat, UnCommon, Big West, Righteous, E.T., NWJ (Nothing Without Jesus), Jacob Izrael, G.G., Oracle, T-Dogg, and 2Godio give captivating and convicting performances.

Though not featured on the song, this group is accompanied by one of talented acapella artist, “Midnyte Sun”. Residing as the “elected president” for this project is Christian Hip Hop veteran and sought after video producer Ricky B. of B4 Entertainment assisted by Ivan R.

“It’s not about the church you go to or the denomination you serve under. It’s about knowing Jesus Christ as our savior and joining together in one body to spread this message of truth and deliverance in Him”, says board and founding member, UnCommon.

The BrotherHood is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee and is the first organized group of its kind that produces Christian Hip Hop music. A fairly new genre in the Music City, Christian Hip Hop fuses the up-tempo beats of be bop with the undeniable truth of the Gospel. Some question the street cred of the music and artist. There is no need to wonder. These brothers lived a life of gang-banging, drug dealing and criminality. Some locked up, others losing their family and friends to gun violence. That past is the beauty of their testimony. BH only knows real talk which is entrenched in every lyric they spit. Not glorifying violence or the life, but glorifying the One that can save one out of that mentality. That is the niche of the BrotherHood. No gimmicks, no tricks. Just the unadulterated truth!

The album is due January 13 2009 with appearances from all 16 members.

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