Mynista a.k.a. Docta Wuzdead releases his new indie EP entitled “Straight Street”. The title of his latest release is named for a place where the Spirit of God speaks, the Word of God encourages, the beats bang, and the sharp, original delivery of this messenger pops!

In the book of Acts, one of Jesus’ disciples named Anannais was sent to a street called Straight in the city of Damascus. He went there in order to lay hands on a blind man named Saul so that he would receive his sight back. In that moment, Saul not only had his physical sight restored, but he also received spiritual sight when he was filled with the Holy Ghost. Saul would later become the Apostle Paul who would go on to accomplish extraordinary things for the Kingdom of God. That same level of ministry is still available to us today!

Welcome to a place where blinded eyes are opened, where light overtakes darkness, and where nothing is impossible… Welcome to “Straight Street”.

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