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eDDie Velez’ Holy Hip Hop Awards Summary

eDDie Velez’ Holy Hip Hop Awards Summary

2009 Holy Hip Hop Awards closed in Prayer by Kurtis Blow Walker on Sunday, January 18, 2009, with the last Ministers of the Gospel closing at 1:45 A.M. (Eastern Daylight Time), closing out a 16 Hour Non-Stop Marathon led by over 100 Holy Hip Hop Ministers of the Gospel, Honorees and Aficionados Raising the Roof in Praise, Honor and Glory for Him through Powerful Beats, Inspirational and Uplifting Lyrics and Dance; Go Ye DJs keeping the FreeStyle Sessions Flowing in the Vendor/Lobby area, combined with Praise & Worship & Altar Call; Saturated Media Presence (BET, TBN/JCTV and Dense Mass Media presence (Radio, Print, Internet Correspondents and Individuals getting pictures, audio and video footage for TV, Magazines, Newspapers, Internet Media and Personal memories).

Sponsor Booths filling the hallways of the arena and Shoulder-to-Shoulder Fellowshipping, Networking and Rejoicing in the Gospel, The Good News from over 146 different cities and over 40 Different States and 5 countries from the time that they entered Center Stage Arena and from the time that they left Center Stage Arena to return to their respective homes and Citizens of Mayor Shirley Franklin’s City of Atlanta covered again by Street Ministry and Street Promotions powered by CIO and MTM; combined with a Powerful Element and Participation from Viewers Worldwide Who were Able to Watch the Holy Hip Hop Awards Live on Their PCs via Streaming Technology deployed Using the Power and Reach of the World Wide Web, Share the Event and Support the Ministers of the Gospel and Interact with each other via Thousands upon Thousands of Chat Instant Messages as Internet Viewers were also able to Simultaneously experience and participate in the 2009 Holy Hip Hop Awards in Digital stereo and Video online with Rapzilla even traveling from over 1000 miles away to capture highlights of the entire event in Digital photography real-time.

The Global Holy Hip Hop Movement Remains Focused on the Mission to Uplift, Edify and Evangelize Youth, Children and Adults for Generations to Come. The stage is now set for the 10th Annual Holy Hip Hop Awards, so please mark your calendars early for: January 15-16, 2010 (Ministers of the Gospel Music, Bio and Ministry Statement Submissions window to open in May 2009). Special Thanks to Everyone Who Played their Part in Making the 9th Annual Holy Hip Hop Awards a memorable and enjoyable time from all of the Ministers of the Gospel (Emcees), Labels, Sponsors, Attendees and Viewers On the Internet to all of websites, program directors, tv and media who all came together as one in effort, faith and prayer for another successful event in Christ. May God Bless You Always and We Will Do It Again Soon and next Stop the Sonshine Festival in Minnesota so stay tuned for more Good News to Come. Yours Truly, Minister eDDie Velez (a/k/a “Da Preachin Puerto Rican”).


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