Braille and S1’s New Album “CloudNineteen” is Complete

The new album from Braille and S1 titled “CloudNineteen” is complete.

This duo first collaborated together on the song “Blessed Man” from Braille’s last solo record. During 2008 they stayed in touch and slowly started kicking around ideas of doing a full record together. Once both of their schedules cleared up they started creating new tracks. The chemistry was immediate and “CloudNineteen” was pushed to the forefront.

After 5 months of creating material from long distance (S1 in Texas and Braille in Oregon) they finally met up in person to put the final touches together. Rather then sitting on the record, they both decided to bring it strait to the public as soon as possible. The release date is set at March 3rd and the tracklist can be viewed below

1. Sky Dive (intro)
2. It’s Nineteen featuring Ragen Fykes (vocals) and Rob Swift (cuts)
3. For Life
4. Broken Heart featuring Strange Fruit Project (vocals), Ragen Fykes (vocals) and Thesis (vocals)
5. That’s My Word featuring Theory Hazit (vocals) and Rob Swift (cuts)
6. Fill It In featuring Dj Idull (cuts)
7. Skepticold
8. Heart of God
9. Found Her featuring Shawn Lee (piano and strings)
10. From The Pulpit
11. Megaphone Phonics featuring Vursatyl of the Lifesavas (vocals), Rob Swift (cuts) and Tony Cook from the JBs and James Brown band (drums)
12. Work That Way
13. HardRock featuring Lightheaded (vocals), Rob Swift (cuts) and Pataphysics (trupets)
14. Stay Together featuring Ragen Fykes
15. Parachutes and Ladders (outro)
BONUS – “Frankenstein”


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