Blue Chip and Specialist have a new music video to come out soon from their single “Clear the Air.” You may remember them from the Stellar Award Nominated Group the Righteous Riders, which between 2 releases sold over 20,000 units. They toured nationally, and were featured on Bobby Jones Gospel. Now these two members have embarked on a journey as a duo.

The song itself is about the struggles that these artists have faced with their families, finances, jobs, and simply living a Christian life. One of the music video producers and co-director Ricky B. says, “In the song you can really feel their pain, so I wanted this music video to hit home. This song is about their struggles, their set backs, and how they will keep praising God through their situations. All the lyrics in the song are 100% true.”

Clear the Air is Blue Chip and Specialist’s 2nd music video off of their latest release GROUNDzero. Unlike their first video “Game Over” which shows them in fictional situations, this video is based on their actual real lives. Blue Chip states “In ‘Clear the Air’ we tried to convey that walking with God isn’t an easy thing to do. You suffer hardships, and knock downs but you just got to keep on going and trust God.”

While some of their songs on the GROUNDzero project appeal to a straight up hip hop audience, Clear the Air brings them back to their Righteous Rider days. To bring a more universal and r & b feel to the song, Chip and Spec recruit fellow Righteous Rider member and singer Jason Clayborn, who made a stand out performance on the Riders hit song “So Many Times”. Further reuniting the Riders, the song was produced by the remaining members, Logic and Knowledge, who have gone on to work and produce forseveral mainstream artists like Wyclef Jean, Shakira, and Cassidy.

Blue Chip and Specialist’s release GROUNDzero is available in stores and online now. The Music Video Clear the Air will be available soon online and will feature a cameo appearance by Herb Oneal, Owner and CEO of Alliant Music Group. Shortly after, the video will be airing on networks like BET, TBN, The Word Network and where ever you find Hip Hop, Gospel, and Christian Videos.

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