One Way Entertainment gospel hip hop artist, XROSS, is set to reach millions with the upcoming release of the much anticipated CD "Tell'em tha Truth". Scheduled to hit store shelves everywhere on January 27th 2009, "Tell'em tha Truth" is the third independent project written and executive produced by XROSS, and the first nationally distributed release by XROSS backed by a powerhouse, leading distributer of hip hop music – KOCH Distribution.

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No stranger to the Christian Hip Hop scene, as a part of Holy Hip Hop vol. 1 and vol. 3, XROSS is a GRAMMY® NOMINATED songwriter, for "Dedication to Holy Hip Hop" by wife Mariaha Markel, which topped the billboard charts at #15 [2004]. XROSS landed on Gospel Billboard's top 40 list, with hit single "Who's Ya Daddy" ranked #39, [2006] the initial version released in a partnership with Holy Hip Hop Inc & EMI Gospel.

In the recent signing of a major distribution deal with CC Entertainment/Koch Distribution for the release of "Tell'em tha Truth" Bobby Z, former Drummer for "Prince & The Revolution" & CCE Executive states, "XROSS brings his talent, integrity, and passion to his music, and his life. We are proud to be working with an artist at the forefront of the Holy Hip Hop movement."

XROSS' new album "Tell'em tha Truth" is a master piece and loaded with hits! Certain to be a major staple in its primary genre of music; the label and the artist are confident in the projects ability and undeniable appeal to move the ears of mainstream audiences and listeners. "Ride to it and let it play", proclaims XROSS in an interview…."every song is hot, so no need to skip through the CD looking for a hit, they all are bangers". Songs like 'Y U Runnin" which won him best rap/spoken word artist at Dr. Dorinda Clark-Cole Singers & Musician Conference this summer as well as a featured performance slot along with his 14-year-old son KJ on Gospel Music Channel's "Next Generation". "Tear It Up" is a club song in which XROSS brags about living a saved lifestyle. This joint is sure to win over the listeners in the mainstream markets; XROSS is bold about the rich quality of Holy Hip Hop music – which is not only good for the ears, but good for the soul.

"Look 4 Me" is the Holy Hip Hop anthem, the cornerstone of hip hop ministry which proclaims "If ya looking for the truth, I'll leave it up to you, but you know where to find me at… I'm not just in the church but I'm on the block, and that's where you'll find me at" XROSS becomes very transparent with his hit Look 4 Me, with piercing lyrics that clearly articulate the method of fulfilling the great commission. It's not about religion or just church as usual, but it's about going out of the four walls into the community and reaching the lost where they are. "Who's Ya Daddy {Remix}" is simply out the box, revamped that proves XROSS to be more than just a performing artist, but musically a creative genius. XROSS goes into the enemies camp and literally takes back what the pimp stole, the phrase "Who's ya Daddy" and delivers it back to its rightful place; Who's Ya Daddy on this album boasts of our one and only "true father" – Jesus Christ. "He's Still With Me" is a lovesong God commissioned XROSS to write a couple months in advance of the untimely deaths of his Grandmother (Big Mama) and his older brother, Michol Dean. A great loss for XROSS and his family; both pivotal members of the Dean family died less than a month apart after the song had been completed.

Hit song "No Water" is a smooth laid back melody that speaks life into the young person who is struggling to find purpose. The hook of No Water says, "I'm standing in a boat with no water, wasting my time away, I'm sitting in a car with no keys, throwing my life away, I'm going to the store with no money knowing I'm about to cause some trouble, I gotta, (I gotta) do something" The song "Tell'em tha Truth" was birthed after much prayer and fasting for God to reveal his true and ultimate purpose for Holy Hip Hop ministers world-wide. The song cuts like a double edged sword and sends a crystal clear message to repent for the kingdom of God is at hand! This cut will send chills down your spine!

Tell'em tha Truth is a universal album with endless boundaries as to whom it will reach; the compact disc in its entirety defies all rules of music theory & business that relates to target markets. It's articulate and harmonious enough to inspire the most seasoned or mature Christian, while versatile and crunk enough to capture and encourage youth of all ages. Tell'em tha Truth deals with real issues that challenge the churched and the un-churched to be transparent with God; a requirement for finding and fulfilling the truth that God placed in us. This CD is a collection of songs that reaches deep into the back pocket to tell some of life's most vile and/or successful moments while celebrating the saving grace of Christ.

"The soulful, street-wise, spirit-filled rhymes, rhythms, music and message of XROSS immediately establish him as an Artist Extraordinaire, a force to contend with, and a voice to be heard"…Gary Hines, Music Director / Producer, GRAMMY® Award-Winning Sounds of Blackness

For audiences, get ready to experience Tell'em tha Truth by XROSS live on stage. In concert, the new album allows XROSS the freedom to go bananas, get buck, and raise the roof during live performances. Yet, he's consistently sensitive to the Holy Spirit, allowing it to take free course to create a smooth, intimate atmosphere resulting in the saving of many souls, not what you would expect to witness at a hip hop concert.