What does K-Drama, Braille, & Tre9 all have in common?

Each of these hip-hop demon-stompin’ soldiers are gearing up for the next “Music Meets the Truth” compilation, set to release January 7th, 2009. Beat Lab 7 Productionz is on their way to pushing album #3 out the door with a whole new slew of banging beats and themed-based lyrical content from some of the hottest artists in ministry today. One thing that makes “Music Meets the Truth” different from most compilations is that every song on the album is completely original and never-before-heard!

Beat Lab 7 producers “Crucial” and “s.a.i.n.t. jon” produce all of the beats for the album, while each featuring artist writes and records a fresh batch of rhymes over the track. Best of all, each annual release of “Music Meets the Truth” is available as a free download from On top of that, Beat Lab 7 Productionz presses up 5,000 hard copies to distribute throughout inner city ministries and urban outreaches worldwide!

Perhaps the most interesting feature concerning the upcoming compilation is the theme. Beat Lab 7 thrives on creative concepts which allow each of the featuring artists to vocalize their personal revelations and messages of truth pertaining to the subject at hand.

The 2009 compilation is set to focus on political matters from a Christian viewpoint. Beat Lab 7 doesn't anticipate any trivial conspiracy theories or biased political party drama. It seems as though this next installation of “Music Meets the Truth” will more-so shed a truth-filled insight concerning the present state of our country, while incorporating vital elements of our American heritage.

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The messages delivered by the featuring artists should also prove to be an encouragement to all believers, hopefully inspiring us all to hold to the true standard of Christ as we face times of confusion, a diminishing value in our morals, a seemingly declining economy and an increasingly unstable society.

Other artists joining this compilation include J.A.Z., D-MAUB, KamB.I.N.O., J.Flue, YUNG SEMAJ, Lunie 3:80, “the” Luminary, E. Quipped, Divenomous, and Wilchild. These were the Top 10 winners of this year’s “Music Meets the Truth” Submissions Event. These cats went through a multi-level screening procedure in order to be picked for this audio-based ministry assignment. Many artists from all over the country participated in the submissions event and therefore it is quite an accomplishment for any artist to make it through the grueling selection process, deliberated by an anonymous panel of judges hired by Beat Lab 7 Productionz.

Another rapper known as “Sir-viva” will also feature on the 2009 compilation. Sir-viva was actually one of last year’s winners but due to a near fatal motorcycle incident, he was unable to appear on the 2008 compilation. Because Sir-viva “survived”, Beat Lab 7 wanted to give him his rightful slot to perform on the next album. Last but not least, you can all expect to hear another blazin’ hot song from Zee (this is due to a recent collab/merge between BL7 and Bezworks Design).

So come January 7th, 2009, be on the lookout for one of Beat Lab 7’s hottest albums to date. If you’ve never heard a “Music Meets the Truth” compilation, please visit where you can download both the 2007 and 2008 editions. Remember, it’s not a mixtape; it’s an ALBUM. Best part is, IT’S FREE!


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