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Review – k-Drama – Boombaptism

Review – k-Drama – Boombaptism

K-Drama - Boombaptism

It’s been two years since K-Drama dropped “Behind The Glory,” and it has been well worth the wait. Now, Drama has returned with the fresh “BoomBaptism.” Take everything you know about the young emcee and throw it out the window. He’s changed things up and turned everything up 10 or 11 notches. Musicianship, production, lyricism—everything is better. Essentially, “BoomBaptism” is exactly that—a baptism. The old K-Drama is dead. Say hello to the new man.

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Title track “BoomBaptism” starts things out on a high note. Fast-paced and hard-hitting, the song fires on all cylinders and Drama spits a little faster than some might be used to. His East Coast meets Midwest style is a nice mix.

I really think the best song on the album comes way earlier than expected in the form of “On The High – The Yodel Song,” which features guest spots from D-M.A.U.B. and Street Pastor. This one is nice krunk piece and slows things down considerably beatwise. And when they call it the Yodel Song, they’re not kidding. There’s actually yodeling in the background. Serious Switzerland type yodeling. But, it’s sweet. “They smoke crack rock and they roll blunts/They don’t play our Jesus music when they rollun’/They be at church saying that they chose Him/But they all full of dung like their colon…” is possibly one of the best lines I’ve heard all year. Hilarious and true. K-Drama’s use of metaphor and simile are great and should draw in new converts and skeptics alike who might question his street cred.

“We Still Standing” starts out with a very regal tone to it, boasting a top-notch synth horn section, as if you’re walking into a king’s throne room. The choral chorus line comes on before Drama drops his lyrical knowledge.

“Usawhat” (pronounced You’s a what?), is a bit of a miss in my opinion. It feels like K-Drama could have done a little better here. It’s hard to quantify exactly what, but this track just felt a little behind the times. Good production and lyrics, it just sounds a bit dated.

Marv4Mobeats Productions’ production on “Let Go” is superb. I wasn’t entirely impressed with the lyrics on this one, but the beat sure does carry it when it’s there. It’s a hot track that deserves multiple spins. The 70’s meets the new rap era on this one.

You will either love or hate “I’m So Married.” My first thought when I saw the title was, “Is this a response to “I’m So Hood”?” But, it’s not. So, those worries can be set aside. But, it’s so strange to hear a rap song that talks about how awesome marriage is and how overrated adultery is. We all know that’s not the norm when it comes to the genre. So some will instantly think it’s cheesy. But the lyricism and beats and overall message are great. People need to listen and ingest the point of this song, especially in the hood. Charde Jones’ background vocals are worth the price of the track alone.

“Ambulance” is what I like to call a “frustration song.” There’s no real spiritual message to this one. It just communicates that frustration we all experience when people do stupid things. Not sinful frustration, just a general frustration with stupidity.

“Air Jordan” is the track you may have already heard. It’s hot and culturally-sensible in more ways than one. As with several other tracks on the album, Drama takes the production reins and shows himself more than capable.

K-Drama is back with a credible album that glorifies Jesus and drops Scripturally-informed knowledge on hip-hop heads. It’s a whole new direction for the emcee and I believe that is a good direction. “BoomBaptism” is a redefinition in every sense of the word.

Label: Indie

Release Date: December 9 2008

1. The Inevitable
2. On the High (The Yodel Song feat. D-MAUB & Street Pastor)
3. Act Out the King
4. BoomBaptism
5. Ambulance
6. Let Go (feat. Bracey, Dre Murray, Jacob Izrael & R-Swift)
7. Tear the Walls Down
8. Full Time
9. We Still Standing
10. Praise the Lord
11. Flying Away
12. I’m So Married
13. Air Jordan
14. UsAWhat? (feat. Remy & Tri-Blessed)
15. I Anticipate Tomorrow
16. Hindsight (feat. Charde Jones)


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