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If Hip Hop is dead, then it needs to be resurrected and submitted to the glorious Lord because God created it! I do Hip-Hop Music (aka Boom Bap) and I am in the church, so it’s the best of both worlds. Boom-Bap-Tism. I feel that other than those that are known to be creative (in both Worldly & Christian rap), everybody else just copies off of what’s popular. I am encouraging the believer to place there trust in God for all ideas! He is the ultimate/unlimited supply of innovation. So why do we pray less and watch MTV/BET/VH1 more for relevancy when we can just hear from the almighty Himself? We gotta seek the Lord!

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Boombaptism is out, how is this album different from your previous releases?
It feels great man! Huge difference. I am back on the grind & now have a knowledge that I never had previously about the industry. I was ahead of the game this entire process, having my finished product ready for sale 1 month prior to my album release 😀 I thought my marketing game stepped up hugely in comparison to my efforts in the past. So it was great to get the attention of the people because I got something they need to hear. To me, this is my best work yet, so I am proud of this album and how God worked to get this complete! This is the 1st album I ever mixed, so I’m happy to read reviews that say that it’s sonically pleasing to the ear 🙂 My wife is on 4 of the songs! My daughter loves “Flying Away” I’m in Heaven (on earth of course, lol)!

How did you come up with the concept for the single “Air Jordan”, and explain the meaning of the song.
One day I was sitting around and God deposited in my spirit “I Air Jordan On Em!” I was like OMG! That’s it! Once we put some meat into the song, the song came out to express our need as Christians to walk by faith and not by sight. We have to overcome any opposition trying to prohibit us from accomplishing God’s goal for our lives (eg: haters, resistance from the church, the economy).

Back in the Old Testament, Moses sent people into the Promise Land to scout the land. They came back with a bad report and said that they couldn’t possess the land because Giants roamed the area. Because they disobeyed God, they walked in laps for 40 years and never entered the land promised to them! If only they trust God despite what in the natural appeared to a disadvantage, they would have pleased the Lord.

ImageQuite the opposite, Michael Jordan saw opposition and overcame it! Although he was 6′ 6” (when guys like Shaq are 7′ 1″ and Shawn Bradley at 7’6″), he did not allow that to intimidate him from scoring the goal. If God gave us a goal, then we can’t allow any “Giants” to “block” that “goal” by mere intimidation. We have to “Air Jordan On Em’!”

What’s your favorite song off the album?
My favorite song is “We Still Standing.” Though I don’t specify what the imagery on the song implies, I have had some great opposition over the years. No matter how many times I’ve been beat up and knocked down, I still stand proud for Jesus! My next album “Redemptive Struggle” will more so give examples as to what I’m talking about and will have the “We Still Standing” kind of feel.

Any plans to do a music video? If so which song(s)?
YES! Air Jordan will be the 1st video! We are trying to shoot it in the next month! It’s going to be like nothing you have ever seen. If you think about my personality, then you know it’s gonna be wild & crazy!

Any crazy or special moments in the studio recording this album?
Ha ha ha! Yes! R-Swift recorded his verse at CMR’s studio and called me to say that the engineer sent the files. I checked the files and the engineer didn’t send me the acapella’s for mixing! The engineer instead sent me 1 file panned to the left and one panned to the right (with the beat behind the vocals). By this time, R-Swift and the engineer had left and locked up the studio. So I called Swift to tell him that I didn’t receive the right files and that my album was due for mastering tomorrow. It’s 2am! R-Swift was literally 5 minutes away from his house and super sleepy! The engineer couldn’t go back to the studio so R-Swift had to go get the keys, drive back to the studio , and bounce the 2 tracks himself. He didn’t know how to bounce the files, so I had to walk him through the process. I ended up pulling an all nighter that day. R-Swift punched me in the stomach at Fla.vor Fest for that (his play punches feel like real ones). He loves k-Drama.

At the end of flavor fest, you did a surprise performance of your song “Air Jordan”, how did that come about since you were not planned to perform this year?
Image Ha ha ha ha! I was truly not coming to Fla.vor Fest to perform, yet in still I always seem to end up on stage (this also happened back in 06 when I wasn’t scheduled to perform and R-Swift pulled me on stage to do “You Can Get It”).

I was chilling backstage with some of the performers for that evening when both Lecrae & R-Swift asked when I was rapping and I said “I’m not on the bill this year. I’m just hear to enjoy and support.” Because of there love for my song “Air Jordan” they said they wanted me to do that song. R-Swift asked somebody (I still don’t get how this happened, lol) if I could do “Air Jordan” and they said they’ll try to fit it in at the end. They told me to give the DJ my CD and then after Urban D. spoke and closed it out, Lecrae was like “go get the mic!” And the rest was history 🙂

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