Mr. Del, Canton & Ramona Jones, and Lisa McClendon form: “Gumbo Red”

Gumbo – the combination of ingredients, the assimilation of different genres: R & B, Jazz, Hip-Hop and Soul. Mix well and stir in the life source that has cleansing power – the Blood of Jesus, which makes it Red. Front man Mr. Del has done it again, bringing Canton & Ramona Jones and Lisa McClendon together to form a history making super group known as Gumbo Red. These men and women of God are serving it up piping hot!

Mr. Del, Canton & Ramona Jones and Lisa McClendon form a collaboration like none other. These three extraordinary artists each represent their own unique flavor and mesh naturally to generate an amazing sound that will grip audiences with every track.

Album releases December 26th. Available for pre-order at

Official tracklisting:
1. Keep It Going
2. Family Reunion
3. Foolish
4. Cry Loud
5. In Th e Groove
6. Th is Way
7. Gumbo Worship
8. Alright Okay
9. Show Me
10. Lady
11. Rock It Out
12. Simply Free

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