Japhia Life is working on his upcoming album “Westside Pharmacy”. Japhia Life says he has almost 100 new beats to choose from for the project, from producers such as Kid Classic, Tha Healing LLC, Dilemma, The Black Rascals, Chris Batson, Wit, Paradigm, Mustafa, 1 Luv, Juice2020, Tonex, and Todd Collins. Yes, Japhia Life and Todd Collins are back at it from a production standpoint only.

But until the album materializes, look out for his mixtape “The Heartsville” which will also feature production by the producers listed above as well. This project will include all brand new original tracks, and will be the first project to officially launch Japhia Life’s career as an indie hip hop artist. “Feels good to be out on my own,” says Japhia Life. Stay tuned on Rapzilla for more details.