DJ Rhino releases his long awaited follow up to “It’s Time” with “Wanted” on 11/11/08. This mixtape is packed with 35 bangin’ tracks including exclusives and remixes! Artists include Sean Slaughter, Corey Red, Tonex, Applejaxx, Braille, Afaar, Theory Hazit, J.Kwest, Poems, Surreal, YSG Timothy, Cash Hollistah, ManChild, and many more!

A solid mixtape that’s not a compilation and doesn’t have a dj hollerin’ all over the place. Wanted is change beyond rhetoric. Wanted is about a call for people to wake up to the ills of the inner-cities in America. People to not simply go to church but be the church. Wanted, is the word written on posters with your picture, posted by two opposing campaigns; one’s aim is destruction and the other’s is to give a destiny, a purpose, and a Revolution to join and fight for.

All proceeds from the sale of “Wanted” will go to The Revolution, a inner-city church and ministry, helping to enable them to continue reaching their community in Gary, IN.