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Sean Slaughter “Man on Fire” Update

Sean Slaughter “Man on Fire” Update

Raw, aggressive, passionate Hip Hop is back. Sean Slaughter returns with his fourth solo album, “Man on Fire”, to release October 28th, is hot like fire! Download the single leaks to judge for yourself here on Rapzilla.

“Man on Fire” features a sample of today’s most successful artists such as Alvin Slaughter, Papa San, J.R. (of Cross Movement Records) and Soul P. (formely of Beatmart Records). Sean brings a fresh sound that stays true to his native Queens New York roots but blends a touch of southern flair, thanks to his current place of residence, Newport News, VA.

Sean Slaughter Man on Fire Album CoverSean Slaughter has been in the Gospel rap game for 8 + years and has rapped at some of the most influential churches today such as: Lakewood, Rhema church, Windsor village, and Hillsongs to name a few. He has shared the stage with gospel greats such as: Andre Crouch, Kirk Franklin, T-Bone, Tye Tribbet, Ki Ki Sheard, and Da Truth.

Sean Slaughter has also been featured on international networks such as TBN, and CBN and has been featured artist on Holy Hip Hop the Movie. He is the recipient of a 2005 Holy Hip Hop Award, the 2006 Virginia Holy Hip Hop Artist of the Year Award, and the 2008 Carolina Holy Hip Hop Achievement Award.

1. Man On Fire
2. Flesh Killa ft. J.R
3. Lord You ft. Alvin Slaughter
5. No Compromise ft. Papa San
4. Run ft. Hemotheory
6. The What In The Ham Sandwich?! Show
7. Conkrete Angelz
8. Pinnochio
9. Whats His Name?
10. Break Free
11. Wheelz Fall Off
12. Burn
13. Junono
14. Praise To The Most
15. Cold World
16. Materialism
17. 1 Mississippi
18. Poppin’ Junk


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