Christian rapper Lecrae debuts Rebel on Billboard’s “Top Rap Albums Chart” at No. 8. His third album, Rebel, shelved off 9,800 discs in its opening week! This doesn’t count digital downloads, which for the first week was No. 4 on the Hip Hop/Rap Album Chart of iTunes.

Our advice to Reach Records is to send out a press release to all media outles (Christian and Secular) and be sure they all have a copy of Rebel for review, get all the coverage, even negative, doesn’t matter. Because this album is making an impact and if it doesn’t go out to the press it can miss great opportunities. Imagine someone who lost his faith, then reads his daily secular hip hop news, sees an article about Rebel maybe negatif because it’s Christian, but then gives the album a listen and then recommits his life to the Lord. That’s what I’m talking about!

Lecrae Rebel Album CoverCheck out these reviews from iTunes:
“I love rap and I’m an atheist. I noticed that Lecrae’s music was in the top 10 on iTunes and after sampling all of the tracks, I’ve purchased the album. Even though I don’t believe in God, I enjoy listening to someone who believes so strongly about something and is able to convey it with such passion through his music. Great job. Looking forward to more album.”

“Don’t get me wrong this sounds good and could have been an amazing hip hop album, but…what the h***!? This is christian rap. I bought some of these songs because they sounded awesome but this joke of a rapper wouldn’t stop talking about god and jesus. it ruined me. after hearing it all the way through i immediately erased all evidence that i bought this s***. if u love TI and Lil Wayne, DONT BUY THIS.”