3 Hip Hop albums are in the Billboard TOP 25 Gospel Albums Chart: #1 Lecrae “Rebel” (2nd week), #17 Ambassador “The Chop Chop” (high: #6), and #24 Grits “Reiterate” (high: #16). Lecrae “Rebel” is also #92 on the Billboard 200 (was #60 last week).

According to SixShot.com (Secular Hip Hop Online Magazine), Lecrae is #9 (they also reported he was #8 last week) on the Billboard Rap Chart, but it’s nowhere to be found on Billboard, we believe SixShot took the sales number from the Gospel Chart and placed him in the Rap Chart.

Sixshot also reported Lecrae “Rebel” having 5,600 cd’s sold in the 2nd week, which would make a total of over 15,000 CD’s sold since the album released two weeks ago.

This does not include digital sales where Lecrae is still #5 in the TOP Hip Hop Albums on iTunes (high: #3).