Happy Birthzilla!

Lecrae, Zilla (Philip Rood), Tedashii at the GMA Week ’08

21 years ago, Philip Rood, Rapzilla’s founder and owner was born in Tulsa Oklahoma. It’s his birthday!
Leave a comment with a birthday blessing and thank you note. Phil created a birthday wishlist on Amazon, feel free to give him a gift as a thank you for everything he has done for Christian Hip Hop and with Rapzilla.
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About Phil: He grew up in Brussels Belgium as a Missionary and Pastor’s kid. Started Rapzilla at the age of 15. His goal is to give Christian Hip Hop the exposure it deserves and has been working hard, everyday for the last 5 1/2 years! Today Rapzilla has become a daily source worldwide for Christian Hip Hop and continues to grow. Phil moved to Minneapolis MN last year, where he works full time as a web developer in his church and many afterhours nights at his house on Rapzilla. For more info about Phil check the upcoming article/interview he did with SOUL Magazine (coming out November ’08).


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