Home Features News Tony Stone dropping “The Creation: Bonus”

Tony Stone dropping “The Creation: Bonus”

Tony Stone dropping “The Creation: Bonus”


Tony Stone's "The Creation" album, which initially dropped in Japan through Tower Records and HMV, is Tony Stone's first solo album. It has the classic old school vibe that many of Tony Stone's original fans grew to love and appreciate! The physical CD has only been available to buyers in Japan, with a few of the Japanese import CD's being sold in the US.

Now you will be able to get an exclusive BONUS physical CD! The Creation BONUS has all of the songs of the original Creation album plus a remix of Tapestry, and 3 instrumentals: Tapestry Remix instrumental, Tapestry Original instrumental, and D.I.C.E. instrumental!

Copies of The Creation BONUS will be sold on online Christian Hip Hop stores.


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