The Street Pastor releases “The UnderdoG’s Anthem”

“Chemist in the kitchen, I am cooking up a cure…”, these are the words from one who is sure to make history in a genre that has yet to receive the overdue attention that it deserves. Regardless of the lack of reverence that Christian Rap receives in today’s music industry, there is one artist who demands respect.

Never loosing sight of his mission to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through his lyrically hard hitting punch lines, Yaves “The Street Pastor” Ellis continues to bring light to listeners who are entangled by the fantasies of a hip hop culture that glorifies trap stars, hood dreams and material things, with his forthcoming release titled “The UnderdoG’s Anthem”.

It is the official sound of this generation, the Lord’s generation that is unashamed of proclaiming the love of Christ through the message, “though the world sees the body of Christ as the UnderdoG’s, they are more than conquerors who are armed and ready to win back souls for the Kingdom of God”. This is a project that is truly timeless and one can imagine that in 10 years from now, listeners will still be singing “The UnderdoG’s Anthem”.

“An epic project that is sure to be categorized as a classic in the Christian Rap Genre. This album destroys all stereotypes of what the typical rap album is supposed to sound like,” says Street Pastor.

Includes collaborations with K-Drama, Richard Jordan, KamBINO, J.Flue, and many others! Also a few hidden tracks!

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1 The UnderdoG’s Anthem
2 Go Harder
3 Turn Me Up (feat KamBINO)
4 Rid’n Clean (Skit)
5 Forgotten (feat Matthew Seward II)
6 The Box (feat Richard Jordan)
7 My Lady
8 Fresh
9 Got to Run (feat J-Flue)
10 The Getaway
11 For Family (feat LaShae Boone)
12 I Know (feat Christon Gray)
13 Don’t Cha?
14 Duck Down
15 Men Lose
16 Rejoicing
17 I Got It (feat K-Drama)
18 Choose This Day
19 Non-Fiction
20 Goodbye World


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