You should know by now that Grits own and operate their own record label called “Revolution Art,” which has national distribution with Provident. The new Grits album “Reiterate” is coming out with the new label next tuesday, but what else can we expect from this label?

They have 2 other artists on their table (according to their website with upcoming records:

There’s a reggae artist who did a cameo on Grits’ hit single “Hittin’ Curves,” Syntyst. He’s a very talented artist which you can listen to some of his (indie) songs on his myspace ( as well as a little history.

And R&B singer who has also done songs with them on their new record, Jade Harrell. Check out some of her songs (indie or maybe new, we are not sure) and biography on her myspace (

Grits seem to be going for an overall urban music feel and not just be an only 100% Hip Hop music label. We believe this will work out the best for them. Check out their label site: