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Lecrae - Rebel

Reach Records front man Lecrae is back with his third album. This one is entitled “Rebel”. One thing that we know about Lecrae is that God has given him the ability to make great music. Music that will have you riding with your top down listening to some Jesus music. Or you will be bouncing, throwing your hands up, quoting you are a “F-A-N-A-T-I-C”. Now as the Reach Records roster, ministry, and music catalog widens, Lecrae comes to further push the cross of Christ with this new CD.

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The strongest messages on Rebel comes from the many stories within it. Take “Identity” for example, 3 stories in one song told by Lacrae, Da T.R.U.T.H. and J.R. Lecrae starts off by telling a tale about a dude who has almost everything; cars, clothes, a nice crib, physical prowess. But he is still insecure because Christ isn’t fulfilling him. Crae says he could give it up if he only knew Jesus completes him. Next, Da TRUTH comes thru and examines himself and measures his success. He asks if his success is from what he wears and what he produces in the booth? Because if those things make him successful he would be depressed because people don’t feel him “like they did in 04”. He is successful because he is God’s friend. After listening to this verse, I think Da Truth had some missing pages (sorry KJ-52) from his “Open Book”. These stories of realness are flowed over an electronic beat which makes these rhymes stories timeless.

The Reach Records roster is all over Rebel. You will find Tedashii on the track “Go Hard’. This sounds like a song that would be great to perform right after the Real Talk classic song “Represent”. This is a rowdy, crunk, down south special that will get your adrenaline pumping. Also, Mr. 20/20 Trip Lee makes a cameo on the song “Fall Back”. Sho Baraka comes through on “Live Free” with a futuristic vibe. Both songs have a hip hop-techno electro feel. Sho tells the listeners to live free by the truth of God. This song advises not to let anything hold you back from living in the righteousness of Christ.

Rebel is really a verbal onslaught against the world’s view on life in modern day culture. “Got Paper” is a perfect example. The hook says “You Got money / You got Paper …… So what who cares… You Got Money / You got Paper ….. So What I got Jesus Baby!”. Lecrae shouts to the world that money is nothing. Next there’s “Don’t Waste Your Life” featuring UK emcee and Reach Record hopeful Dwanye Tryumf. This song is all the way live. “Don’t Waste Your Life” will go down as a fan favorite.

Finally, the production of Rebel can stand up to 98 percent of all new releases out now. Lecrae has a great ear for picking beats and producers to assist in this endeavor. Reach Record followers are going to love the Rebel album. All in all Rebel is a solid album that listeners will enjoy as they revolt against un-biblcal worldviews.

Release Date: September 30, 2008

Record Label: Reach Records

Track Listing
1. Rebel Intro
2. Don’t Waste Your Life ft. Cam, Dwayne Tryumf
3. Go Hard ft. Tedashii
4. Identity ft. Da’ T.R.U.T.H., JR
5. Indwelling Sin
6. Breathin’ To Death
7. Truth
8. Desperate ft. Cam
9. Change
10. Fall Back ft. Trip Lee
11. Live Free ft. Sho Baraka, Jai
12. Got Paper
13. I’m A Saint
14. Bride, The
15. Beautiful Feet ft. Dawntoya


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