KJ-52 and the Missing Pages

KJ-52 will be re-releasing "the Yearbook" with the "Missing Pages" a bonus disc of unreleased songs that were made for the Yearbook but got cut off, coming out October 14th 2008. KJ has a song you can listen to on his myspace that will be in the Missing Pages called "Stuck In The 80s."


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More info: KJ-52's critically acclaimed record The Yearbook is back, now packaged with 13 additional tracks called The Missing Pages. A diverse collection of only KJ’s best instrumentation, beats, rhymes, and melodies to date. His debut as a self-producer shows impressive hints of staples such as The Neptunes, Timbaland, and DJ Premiere. His songs range from acoustic, programmed, beat-driven numbers to heavy guitar tracks with live drums. Think Rage Against the Machine, Linkin Park, mixed with classic 90’s, golden age hip-hop. The result is an entire album–not just a couple singles–that will keep you interested from front to back. Aaron Sprinkle (Kutless, Jeremy Camp) adds production on two tracks as well, and KJ even teams up with rock champions Disciple for a song. Guest appearances also include Toby Morrell of Emery, Ayiesha Woods, and Liquid. This is a virtuous merger of rival factions–hip-hop, rock, and R&B–and a triumph, to say the last, with catchy commercial songwriting and boatloads of singable choruses. But beyond the production achievement, and beyond the solid songs, lies meaning. Eternal meaning


 CD 1:

1.   Will You Ever Know?  
2.   Do Yo Thang  
3.   Youll Never Take Me Down (ft. Kevin Young Of Disciple)  
4.   Do You Got That?  
5.   It Aint Easy  
6.   Push Up  
7.   I Wont Ever Stop (Featuring Goldinchild)  
8.   Fanmail  
9.   You Can Still Come Back  
10.   Can I Be Honest?  
11.   Pump That  
12.   5 Minutes (In The Garden)  
13.   Daddys Girl (Featuring Liquid)  
14.   Wake Up (Featuring Toby Morrell Of Emery)  
15.   Say What You Want  
16.   Youre Gonna Make It (Featuring Blanca Reyes of Group 1 Crew)  

CD 2:
1.   Stuck In The 80s  
2.   Starbucks Takes All My Money  
3.   I Almost Got Shot (One Single Night)  
4.   I Got It I Got It  
5.   I Used To Be  
6.   All I Need  
7.   What You Want?  
8.   Keep Shining (ft. Goldinchild)  
9.   Do You Thang Remix (ft. B Reith)  
10.   You Can Still Come Back.  
11.   Pump That (remix)  
12.   Push Up (remix)  
13.   I Can Never Forget (ft. Liquid)



Written by Rapzilla

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