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Verse 1:
I used to be broke Oh wait I’m still broke but living life to the fullest extent that’s no joke I don’t need money and fame to define my stature I am who I am from now and there after use thoughts and emotions to cure this cancer Faith in my creator in whom I search for answers I stay climbing mountains while some just gander See you got to set the standard reach for the stars I rely on no one except my God Spit rhymes for a purpose not just because I’m not tryna be religious or stand at the pulpit I just want to reach out to those lost in the commotion cause hope exists on the path to eternity Eternally I burn for my creator to the third degree Doing surgery to all my imperfections I was hopeless but now focused in his direction

I give you my life I give you my soul I give you my music Please take control I give you my passion I give you my dreams Help me stand in the gap where you want me to be (x2)

Verse 2:
I stand as a man in this land of war see the reflection of my family I know what I’m fighting for It’s got me up late nights writing more tryna settle the score from self doubt and use change as a metaphor so let this be the day the start of something different to leave the past behind and keep your distance until it’s time to reflect close your eyes and give thanks for the ways you been refreshed it’s such a beautiful thing to feel the love of the king to find the peace inside and let freedom ring cause there’s no better time then this right now to stand up and man up and let it all out cause time is to short to let it pass away your searching for tomorrow but your stuck here today with only one choice to make the change or remain the same to live and die in Christ is gain

Verse 3:
In the midst of a million emcees I stand firm with a tight grip and learn how to write this music that’s more then just righteous but on the fight tip a passion so deep that you can feel my arthritis

Cause I’m trapped in a box of penmanship my train of thought is caught in a place called experience But not on this mic in life’s consistent hustle A place retraced back to my early struggle

Cause now I’m grown up and things are sown up I been through the storm and I’ve learned so much So I wont chase that throw back life I used hold I got a second chance to advance and express my soul It goes Fortune and fame Fame and fortune I’m a family man now so that’s not important I’m so blessed to be alive and living in his grace So I’m a use this mic to give back what he gave

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