Holy Hip Hop Radio announced today that on its 9-Year Anniversary (September 10, 2008), when it was launched out of basement in Atlanta in 1999,  it has completed its 500th (3-Hour Broadcast) providing FM and AM Radio Affiliates with 1,500 Hours of programming to date.  Simultaneously, Holy Hip Hop Radio, now touching listeners weekly from coast-to-coast, announced that it is seeking to add additional FM and AM Radio affiliates in major markets nationwide who are seeking to grow marketshare with fresh and innovative programming on Sunday mornings that inspires, enlightens and uplifts children, youth adults and the community.

"First and foremost, thanks to the entire Global Gospel and Holy Hip Hop community for your prayers, blessings and support over the past 9 years and all Ministers of the Gospel providing music that is of the highest quality, as well as to all of the Program Directors (AM and FM) who have given opportunity and the people what they demand in communities nationwide (diverse programming for all ages and demographics versus homogenized radio (same tracks from the same hand-full of emcees over and over again ad nausea).
By no means is it easy to record, edit and deliver consistently 1500 hours of programming (500 shows) but nothing ever worth doing or having ever is easy. And, when letters, calls and emails pour in from mothers, fathers, children, adults, prisoners, aunts and uncles writing how hearing the powerful and moving music and testimonies from Ministers of the Gospel have uplifted their lives, there is no greater joy than to continue to do the work and put in the time and inspiring others to also take up the Great Commission and Spread the Good News—and we absolutely will never stop.
The world is in flux now and anxiety is spreading like a plague worldwide. It is in these times, that as the body of Christ that we must all stay together as one, uplifting each other, remaining always faithful and prayerful and understanding that in God all things are possible and that God reigns supreme. Amen. The dawn of a new day is upon us and Peace and Blessings to all," said Minister eDDie Velez (a/ka/ Da Preachin Puerto Rican).