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G.O.D.Sent releases “Jesus The Boss”

G.O.D.Sent has just released his sophmore release “Jesus the Boss.” The album’s goal is to acknowledge Jesus as creator, ruler, Lord, God, owner, BOSS! (Colossians 1:16-17). Featuring production from Mac the Doulos, Tony Stone, and others. Cameos such as Stephen the Levite, God’s Servant, Believin’ Stephen, Chozen, Psalmizt, and others.

“I’m hearing too many cats consider themselves bosses but come up short in their reason behind they call themselves a boss or why we should consider them a boss. But Jesus being ruler and soveriegn over all, even death which is what these cats fear, single-handedly dominiates as boss and provides reason and proof! Plus Hiphop needs an album thats gonna actually point their focus on Jesus specifically as the central source for everything. After all, salvation and reconciliation with the Father is through Him alone…(John 14:6)” says G.O.D. Sent.

It’s available on his website as a digital download: godsenthiphop.com



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