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DJ Morph drops International, Must-Have for 2008!

DJ Morph drops International, Must-Have for 2008!

DJ Morph’s 5th mixtape entitled “International” which dropped this week. This project is a Hip Hop/Rap compilation of exclusive material with extraordinary artists from across the country. Which include artist like Japhia Life, 2Five, Big Nate, The Breax, G-Notes, Mahogany Jones, Young Joshua, Sho Baraka, R-Swift, G-Styles, k-Drama, Applejaxx, Rhema Soul, Braille, Khul Rhema & many more.

After listening to the album entirely, this is definately one of the hottest and best album (and mixtape) of the year! This album gets the first (and more to come) of “Rapzilla’s Stamp of Must-Have Albums.” I personally haven’t heard a Christian Hip Hop album so fresh and hot like this in a while.

DJ Morph is a Dove award nominee and has served as tour DJ for KJ-52, Urban D and International artist Funky in addition to His individual dates and events. DJ Morph has extensively toured the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, Central and South America for the last 6 years.

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DJ Morph – International EPK from Under Ground Blaze on Vimeo.


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