Wages of Syntax 2 Revealed

The album cover has just been revealed minutes ago. Syntax Records is going to release a mixtape nationally November 11 2008 entitled the "Wages of Syntax 2" hosted by DJ Promote.

Track listing
1. “Goin Outta Control” Kaboose feat. Royce Da 5’9”
2. “The IV” Braille feat. Rob Swift
3. “Hawthorne's Most Wanted” RedCloud feat. Kurupt & Tonex
4. “Universal” L.A. Symphony feat. Posdnuous of De La Soul
5. “Knuckle Up (Experiment X Remix)” Kaboose feat. Shane Newville, Manchild, & Playdough*
6. “I Sigh” Sackcloth Fashion
7. “Pandemonium” Luke Geraty feat. Pigeon John
8. “Traveling Circus” RedCloud feat. Sam Hart
9. “First of All (Lolly Pops Remix)” Sivion, Jeremiah Bonds, Soul P.*
10. “Heart” Othello feat. Destro of Boom Bap Projects
11. “Samurai Showdown (Double Dose Remix)” Shane Newville feat. Braille*
12. “Side By Side” Def Shepard
13. “Guns & Roses (Rising Son’s Remix)” RedCloud feat. & Jayo Felony & Tonex*
14. “Hidden In The Bushes” Freddie Bruno & k-Drama
15. “Blessed Man” Braille
16. “For You (Blessed Man Remix)” Kaboose feat. Braille & Christin Hart*
17. “Season's Greetings” Othello feat. Siren's Echo
18. “Don't Wear It Out (Journey Through My Mind Remix” RedCloud feat. Grits*
19. “Follow Me Now” Kaboose
20. “Move On” Man of War
21. “Boombox Saints (Waterworld Remix)” RedCloud*
22. “Technique” Def Shepard
23. “Thank You and Good Night” DJ Promote

*Exclusive versions only available on this release.


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