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Heart of a Rebel

Heart of a Rebel


I'm doing my best to seize this moment when I don't have much to do. Well that's not the truth I have plenty to do but I don't feel so overwhelmed that I can't write.

I am hurting for the world. Not some generic "world" that people cant see or touch. But for the world around me. For my family, my community, for nations.

I'm am realizing more and more that it is insanity to believe that a CD will be the big relevant tool to open the eyes of the world to Truth or more specifically Jesus.

BUT…I do think the music can help many and I pray the music will push you toward your word and God will use it to turn hearts toward Himself, His church, and His ways.

If you get "Rebel" please take time to think through the songs. Don't just take them at face value. Marinate on them pray about the content and line it up with the word of God. You'll find that many of the songs are really just an exegesis, description, or translation of the bible.

My point is this.
I want the Lord to change your hearts, I want to challenge you, and I want to encourage you. But more than anything I want you to use the Bible as the lens that you see the world through.

If that's the case then you'll see many of the ways we operate and things we think are more American than Christian. We think and act more out of culture and tradition than out of a biblical perspective.

What does God say about relationships, money, depression, guilt, identity, sexuality? He says a lot. If we spend time learning His ways we will find ourselves slowly turning our back and in rebellion against the worlds way of doing things.

One example is male/female relationships. The culture tells us to pursue them at any age and time. It's apparently "cute" for 10 year olds to have boyfriends or girlfriends. The culture says sex is a part of "dating" (which is also cultural).

God on the other hand doesn't tell us "get as close as you can without sinning." He tells us to FLEE sexual immorality. (1st Cor. 6:18) RUN from the opportunity to get into some sexual action.

As rebels we are so in love with Jesus, He is so valuable to us that we look crazy because we actually follow His word. We seem extreme and fanatical, but I wonder if God is preparing our hearts and minds for action due to coming persecution, or the training of a generation that will face oppression and persecution. If we don't stand firm who will? God is establishing His kingdom will you be a part of this or watch from the sidelines. REBEL.

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