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The Rap Terrorist Who Went To School Is Back With A Mixtape


In January of 2008, gospel rapper Lavoisier released an explosive video on YouTube that quickly became the center of controversy among hip hop supporters and detractors alike.  The fifteen minute video, entitled “Rap Terrorist Goes To School,” featured Lavoisier in a Brooklyn, NY school classroom, talking to junior high kids about the integrity of prominent rappers and the validity of their lyrics.  Artists including T.I., Nas, and 50 Cent were quoted and openly discussed with sixth and seventh graders, who represent a large and overlooked fan base of impressionable young listeners.  The video drew both praise and criticism, including responses from those within the Hip Hop industry.

“MC Serch (VH1’s “The (White) Rapper Show” & “Miss Rap Supreme”) told me that it was a good video but that I shouldn't have put certain rappers in that category.  I told him I'm a student of Hip Hop music and part of Hip Hop culture, so I’m not speaking from the outside looking in.  I didn’t do the video for the publicity, this has been my message for years," says Lavoisier whose bold approach and willingness to name names earned him the “Rap Terrorist” moniker that he often goes by.

The Rap Terrorist is now back with a free Mixtape, appropriately named “The Rap Terrorist Mixtape” that he has made available for free download on his website.  While many viewers of the classroom video didn’t know he was a rapper himself, Lavoisier comes full circle on the Mixtape, revealing himself to not only be a provocative speaker, but a former drug dealer and gang member from the streets of Coney Island NY who remains a seasoned and respected lyricist.  On the eight song project, Lavoisier raps over popular industry beats and puts his personal spin on the concepts of some of the very rappers that he has publicly derided.  The Mixtape has garnered hundreds of downloads since its release earlier this week and with Lavoisier’s aggressive tone and inspiring messages, is quickly becoming a viable alternative to his secular counterparts.

Lavoisier is signed to independent record label, AOmega Global Military, and he has appeared on BET’s airing of  the “Higher Ground” documentary, while his music has been featured on soundtracks and national compilations distributed by Sony/BMG  in upwards of 180,000 copies. He is frequently called upon to speak at jails, schools, detention centers, and churches to hold seminars and give lectures on the influences of hip-hop culture. The Rap Terrorist Goes To School YouTube video has over 120,000 views and the Rap Terrorist Mixtape is available for free download at www.rapterrorist.com.



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