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The Christian Female Rap Network (CFRN), in cooperation with DJ I Rock Jesus, have set the date of August 15th to release an all female rap mixtape to encourage and empower listeners in living a life that is pleasing to God. The collaboration includes honest testimonies, authentic beats and snippets of tracks straight off the network's soon to be released, 'The CFRN Experience' project.

The goal of the network is to promoting unity, spirituality and healing through the mixtape in an effort to create more awareness on the impact fellowship and consistency through the Word of God can change a person's life. 

RessuWreck Radio personality, Shine, said, …the mixtape gives an Attitude of Thankfulness, they sound so grateful for what God is doing in their lives…there was no pride, no 'me', 'me', 'me'; that was the main feeling I got after peeping out the mixtape…And it's hot too!"

Since the artwork for the mixtape has been on available through your page, has there been a response? "Yes, I'm getting tons of positive feedback in my inbox about the cover and inquiries about when the mixtape will be available. I'm glad we have a date to let our fans know when to purchase a copy through DJ I Rock Jesus' website or ourindividual MySpace pages." – Octavia Harris

About The CFRN – Sparked from a vision that God gave Octavia Harris, The CFRN is an inspirational support system and resource for female rappers worldwide. As a group, we intend to use our gifts and talents to build and breed Godly examples, mentors and models. Unified as one, we will show God's Love through us by supporting each others ministries, honoring the Savior, and glorifying God.

What we Believe: We believe that transparency through music and testimony will bring healing and freedom to others. Freedom from issues with depression, lust, homosexuality, abuse, pride, self-esteem, drug addiction or anything else females may go through, are the reasons why it is important for us to share our testimonies by any means necessary to bare witness to the power of transformation through salvation by Jesus Christ, faith in God and the comfort of the Holy Spirit.

Mixtape Details: The mixtape will feature 6 members of the CFRN (Latoria, Elle ROC, Serenity, REGAL, Cameron & Octavia Harris) who recently met for the first time in Portland, Oregon to celebrate 1 yr. of communal fellowship, encouragement and unity February of this year.

DJ I Rock Jesus Contact: For more information about mixtapes or booking, contact DJ I Rock Jesus at (757) 723-1463 or visit his Web site at

RessurWreck Radio Interview 29 June, 2008 with Octavia & The CFRN hosted by Shine & Moeski, listen to show at


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