Nine months after Back to Dust the Deepspace5/Tunnel Rat Sev Statik delivers a brand new album 'Shotgun' featuring 12 studio tracks. Features songs with Playdough, Manasseh, Jasper Brown, Gideon, Eternia and Has-Lo. Production by MuzeONE, Dave Santos, Dust, JLog1c, Mattman and Amen Raw.
'Shotgun' is Sev Statik's first digital album and addresses topics such as Illumnati, new age thinking and America's plight in the eyes of the church. And in typical Sev Statik fashion this album features new voices and fresh producers.
Official 'Shotgun' song list
1. True Grand (psalm 31) prod. by Mattman cuts by DJ Ex-O
2. Virgin Death prod. by Dust
3. Gabriel f. Playdough prod. by MuzeONE
4. Blue Flame f. Eternia prod. by MuzeONE
5. Better f. Jasper Brown/Gideon prod. by Dave Santos
6. Still on It prod. by MuzeONE
7. Hungry as Sin prod. by MuzeONE
8. Golgotha f. Manasseh prod. by Justin Moon
9. Timeless f. Haslo prod. by Dave Santos
10. Indigo prod. by Dave Santos
11. Never Fall Off prod. by JLog1c
12. Shotgun prod. by JLog1c
Releasing July 22nd