Theory Hazit has teamed up with Vintage… no not the fresh clothing company we all love… but the Virginia based producer with an ear for the old school. The two have put together a really dope album. The album is so dope in fact anyone who has heard an advanced copy has been comparing it to Hi-Tek and Talib's Reflection Eternal.

A classic sound, and you know Theo always comes correct with the rhyme scheme. Make sure you pick this album up and support. Head on over to Theo's myspace page to download the audio trailer for 'Lord Fire'. You can even stream the first single called 'Grizzly' which Theo just recently shot a video for. Keep an eye out for that and some Vintage Limited cameos. Plus, Vintage Limited Clothing teamed up with Theory to bring you a special promo offer you can ONLY find inside your copy of the album.

Check out 'Lord Fire' dropping indie style June 24 by Theory Hazit. Get at him and listen to the audio trailer at