Json - Life On Life

When you think of Json you probably think about the classic 116 Clique album he was apart of.  Yes, this brother is well connected in the Christian Rap realm. Yes, this brother can spit. But no, you do not get what you expected with this album. If you were expecting an average Christian Rap album you will be pleasantly surprised.  I was. Json is back with his sophomore release called Life on Life. If this style of music had a label it would be called Reality Music. “The Seasoning” must have been just that, something to make your senses awaken and take notice of the flavor. Life on Life is the knock out punch to The Seasoning's left jab.  
On the CD intro Json welcomes everyone into this project. But the thing is, he wants the experience to be like he’s in the same room hangin’ out with the listener. The cover art shows Json pouring out a cup of water. This is what he set out to accomplish with this feature.  He wants to pour the Living Water from his vessel into yours.  
Now let me pause and pin point your attention to one song. “MUSIC" is the track that caught my attention. This song alone should be in a brochure saying “You wanna do music for Jesus huh?” Json tells how he’s come across many people in the Christian entertainment industry and how many of them testify that doing music is not what it’s cracked up to be. In a time where shows like American Idol and Gospel Dream are prevalent this song is so timely. The chorus alone challenges every artist singing, rapping, dancing, or producing to step up and examine their walk with Christ. Json doesn't present this song as though he is judgmental but as a conversation piece. You can hear the love in this song. 
'I heard you wanna do MUSIC

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First the facts from me 
Cuz everything you see ain’t what it’s cracked up to be  
So you wanna do Music  
take some time to Grow  
examine yourself make sure Christ is who the shine is for  
So you wanna do Music  
this just ain't a mic and stage  
I hope your cd spin the same way your life is played  
So you wanna do Music  
Share your life with me'

The production on Life on Life is one mean list. Just check the credits J.R. (Jesus Muzik), Kdrama, Tony Stone and Mac the Dulous. You know these names from a lot of your Christian Hip Hop albums.  The track record for these guys is huge already. But Json enlists some newcomers: Naz, Battleax, Dee, Chike, and Msimp to show their talents. The production is only the icing on the cake because this CD is filled with The Word on the realest canvas.  
Another addition to Life on Life is the guest list. This list shows the connections of this independent artist. Json is not signed with any of the big Christian hip hop labels but Life on Life is presented with a who’s who list of Christian Rap artists. Some of your favorites help Json present Life on Life. Three fourths of the Reach Records roster make an appearance ( Lecrae, Tedashi, and Trip Lee). Flame from Cross Movement Records tags along with his St. Louis brethren Future on the song "Move Out". Also, you are in for something special on the song "My Heart" with Dawndia from Cho'zyn. This is one of the most heart felt tracks on this album and Dawndia brings it out with her voice. Tracks like "What it Do” and “Fight” feature the new sounds of Titus and Mike Real. The guest list helps Json bring “Life on Life” to real life.  
In this writers opinion this is a must have in your collection.  It only has one flaw, the overall sound quality of the album. Some songs you can hear with ease and some require that you listen more closely. It is one small thing which doesn't derail this album from being at classic status. So with that minor scar Life on Life is truly a classic.  
I'll end off by saying that this album should already be in your Ipod, Zune, or CD player. Json is a man, a husband, and an emcee who has sat for a long time at the foot of Jesus, soaking up all he could so he can pour it out to you. From telling the realities of marriage, the music industry, living in sin, and who Jesus really is he pours out his life on your life just as Jesus has poured His life into him.

Release Date: June 17, 2008

Record Label: Indie

Track Listing

  1. Life on Life Intro
  2. Catch Up (Interlude)
  3. Run
  4. Music
  5. Turning Point
  6. What It Do feat. Titus & Trip Lee
  7. Listening Choice feat. Tedashii
  8. My Heart feat. Dawndia of Cho’zyn
  9. I Do
  10. Glory revealed (Interlude)
  11. Sitting Big
  12. Fight feat. This’l & Mike Real
  13. Who He Is feat. Lecrae
  14. Confession (Interlude)
  15. Ladies & Fellas
  16. Move Out feat. Future & Flame
  17. In The Studio
  18. Grow
  19. Outro
  20. Grace (Bonus Track)