J'Son will release independantly his new album "Life on Life" tomorrow, June 17 2008.

Json’s newest album “Life on Life” explains to believers how they can live out their faith in Christ in a cold, cold world. “Life on Life” is full of tight hooks, crisp beats and back beats, sweet loops, great samples, creative lyrics and is light years beyond his previous album, “The Seasoning.”

Track Listing

  1. Life on Life Intro
  2. Catch Up (Interlude)
  3. Run
  4. Music
  5. Turning Point
  6. What It Do feat. Titus & Trip Lee
  7. Listening Choice feat. Tedashii
  8. My Heart feat. Dawndia of Cho’zyn
  9. I Do
  10. Glory revealed (Interlude)
  11. Sitting Big
  12. Fight feat. This’l & Mike Real
  13. Who He Is feat. Lecrae
  14. Confession (Interlude)
  15. Ladies & Fellas
  16. Move Out feat. Future & Flame
  17. In The Studio
  18. Grow
  19. Outro
  20. Grace (Bonus Track)