It’s All Eyes On Me Achievement Awards Weekend!

In 2008, the event formerly known as the Texas Holy Hip Hop Achievement Awards will be billed as the All Eyes On Me Achievement Awards. And instead of a strictly state-wide scope, this year’s festivities will now encompass and honor artists from all across the United States who have and continue to blaze trails within inspirational hip-hop culture.

The premier showcase of the new All Eyes On Me Achievement Awards, to be held at Copperfield Church in northwest Houston on June 20 and 21, will recognize and reward the pioneers of Christian rap music.

As in years past, the event will provide the holy hip-hop community with perhaps its most well-planned and highly professional stage show. The weekend affair also includes a kickoff fellowship concert the preceding Friday night, a star-studded media red carpet, artist development workshops, and a celebratory after-party.

The two most recent awards shows included appearances and honors by the likes of George Clinton, MTV’s Sway, Lil Keke, Special Ed, and the Sugarhill Gang.

The awards show began in the summer of 2002 by honoring the pioneers of the industry within its hometown. After three additional years of only Houston nominees, the show went statewide in 2006 and 2007 by honoring individuals from across Texas.

The event recognizes artists, retailers, pastors, media representatives, DJ’s, graphic designers, vendors and others for their outstanding achievements and contributions in the inspirational hip-hop music industry. Awards are given in over 30 different categories to the genre’s upper echelon of power movers and shakers.

In celebration of this national launch, guests are invited to set sail on Carnival’s fun ship, the Ecstasy from Galveston, TX.  This will be a 5-day cruise that will be stopping in Progreso, Yucatan and Cozumel, Mexico, departing June 23 at 4 pm and returning June 28 at 8 am.

Without any further ado, the 2008 All Eyes On Me Achievement Awards gospel rap pioneer nominees:

Pioneer 1st Rap Tape

  • Stephen Wiley – “Bible Break” and/or “Rappin’ For Jesus” (1985)

Pioneer 1st 12”

  • MC Sweet – Jesus Christ (1992)

Christian Hip Hop Martyr

  • D-Boy Rodriguez (accepted by MC Gegee or someone from family)

Pioneer Female Christian MC

  • MC Gegee

Pioneer Group

  • SFC (Soldiers for Christ)
  • I.D.O.L. King
  • P.I.D. (Preachas In Disguise)
  • Freedom of Soul
  • JC & the Boyz
  • Dynamic Twins
  • ETW
  • Apocalypse – Ed Grice
  • D.O.C. (Disciples of Christ)
  • DC Talk

Pioneer MC

  • Michael Peace
  • Stephen Wiley

Pioneer MC on a Major Mainstream Label

  • B.B. Jay “Universal Concussion” (Jive Records, 2000)

Pioneer Convention

  • CRU-Vention – Christian Rappers United – Jason Goddard

Pioneer Nationwide Event

  • RapFest (Bronx, NY) – Brother E & Bert B
  • Flavor Fest (Tampa, FL) – Urban D
  • Holy Hip Hop Awards & Artist Showcase (Atlanta, GA) – Danny Wilson
  • Houston Holy Hip Hop Achievement Awards (Houston, TX) – Tre9

Pioneer HHH websites

  • – Plastic
  • – slave

“ isn’t there since we’ve only been in existence since 2003 but shout out to Plastic for doing Sphere for over 10 years!”

Pioneer Record Label

  • Brainstorm

Pioneer Classic Record Label

  • Grapetree Records – Knolly Williams
  • Syntax Records – Tim Trudeau

Pioneer Graffiti Crew

  • Daystar Tribe (DJ Promote , Raimstar, Pyksy)

Pioneer Graphic Designer

  • Art Peace – Brad Smith
  • Spe©

Pioneer TV Program

  • Apocalypse /Ministerz of the Underground

Pioneer Hip Hop R&P

  • Bernard Wright
  • Out of Eden
  • Amani
  • Soulfruit

Pioneer 1st Nationwide Magazine

  • Heaven’s Hip Hop – Knolly Williams

Pioneer Magazine

  • FEED
  • Breaks
  • ONEMIND Magazine

Pioneer DJ

  • DJ Dove
  • DJ Skillspinz
  • DJ Maj
  • DJ Form
  • DJ Official

Pioneer Radio DJ

  • Special K
  • Johnny Jams
  • Barry T
  • J-Boney
  • DJ EST/Ed Grice
  • Scott Blackwell

Pioneer Classic Groups

  • Gospel Gangstas
  • Grits
  • Cross Movement
  • LA Symphony
  • LPG
  • Future Shock
  • Tunnel Rats
  • New Breed
  • Brainwash Projects
  • Brothers Inc.
  • Labklik
  • Phat Kats
  • Sackcloth Fashions
  • Southern Gospeltality Records
  • G.O.G.’s
  • Unity Clan
  • CMC’s
  • A1 Swift
  • Sound of the Rebirth- Mark J
  • Sons of Intellect

Pioneer Classic MC

  • E Roc
  • T-Bone
  • Lil Raskull
  • Prime Minister
  • Antonious
  • L.G. Wise
  • MG! the Visionary
  • King Shaun & SS MOB
  • Dirt (Shadow of the Locust)
  • Corey Red & Precise
  • Knowdaverbs
  • Sev Statik
  • Urban D
  • Pettidee
  • Fros’T
  • Mark J
  • Todd Bangz (aka Tre-Z)
  • Jah Word
  • Geno V
  • Elle Roc
  • KJ-52
  • Sup the Chemist

Pioneer Film or Documentary

  • PAIN: The Movie – Levi
  • The Next Level
  • Holy Hip Hop – Danny Wilson

Pioneer Book & Author

  • Urban D- Un.Orthodox
  • Kymo Dockett- Lost Generation
  • Phil Jackson / Efraim Smith- The Hip Hop Church


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