I started rapping at the age of 10, it all started when my brother's friends would come over and rap on a tape recorder.  One day they had an idea to teach me how to rap and ever since then I have not stopped.  You can say I'm a type of guy that loves to learn. 

How did you come up with SYD? 
Like any little boy, wrestling was one of my favorite things to watch.   My favorite wrestler was Psycho SYD.  So when I was just beginning to rap as a young kid, I got the name SYD from the way I would attack the mic.  It has stuck ever since. 
ImageYou released a new album "The Hunger's Back", what do you want to accomplish with it? 
I want the album to go places, but most of all I want the people to notice a difference in me because of Christ. 
Why the title "The Hunger's Back"?  
The title for this album came to me almost right after I finished working on my first album, Pressure.  Pressure was like an appetizer for my spiritual growth, it left me yearning for a greater hunger.  Later, God confirmed the album's title "The Hunger's Back" when I was robbed at gun point.  A few weeks later, I was in a severe car accident.  At that point in time I realized life is short, and we don't have tomorrow to fill the void. 
You released the album exclusively in digital form, why that choice? 
I believe the world is going digital and La Familia Muzik has found a way to move it at shows with this digicard concept.  You could say I’m a guinea pig.

Any plans to make CD copies in the future? 
No plans to make CD copies.  We plan to push digital albums from here on out. 
Which song is your favorite and why? 
New Fastness is my favorite song on the album, simply because I had the most fun recording it.  It’s crazy hot. 
ImageAny memorable or crazy moments during the recording session of the album?
The craziest moment I can remember was when we were recording the song Everything.  Ryan Horton (La Familia Muzik’s singer) and I would play fight/argue when some one else would record, but we were doing this in front of a new guy by the name of Adam Gilley.  He had never hung around us when we acted like this.  When he saw what was happing he was like, “What is going on here?” 
What inspired you making this album?  
My ups, my downs.  My life is what usually sparks ideas for my songs.  Like Christ, I share my life with other so we can relate to one another better.  
 What's better and why:
       Action Hero: Jack Bauer or Indiana Jones?
       Indiana Jones is a classic.  Which super hero you know has a cool wipe?
       Bible:  KJV or The Message?
       I like The Message…easier to read and understand.
       Turntable: Vinyl or CD?
       CD bro. That's all I know. 
Any last words to close the interview?  
To serve others is to be like Christ. To love your enemies is to understand Christ.  To allow him to take control of your life, is to trust him.
Y'all can expect hot beats, a hot flow, but most of all the Hunger for Christ on one album. Go get that!