The RAP-Ture Conference

The purpose of the RAP-Ture Conference is to highlight talented ministers of the Gospel in an effort to transform the image of gospel rap. Our intention is to prove that holy hip hop should not be sub-standard. It is not an alternative to mainstream hip hop, but a replacement. We use hip hop as a vehicle to deliver the message of Christ to a dying generation. We meet them where they are in order to save them.

The conference is planned for three days- August 29-31. Friday night is a showcase of various artists. Saturday morning we will have a panel discussion with music industry giants. They will be available to share their vast knowledge of the industry and how to break in and make it big. Saturday evening Mr. Del will host the biggest, crunkest concert featuring the hottest acts from Atlanta, GA, Houston, TX, Tampa, FL, etc. Finally, on Sunday afternoon our worship service will be led by our speaker, Mr. Del.

Mr. Del has dedicated his life and his ministry to the youth of the country, sharing his testimony about leaving the secular world and letting them know that “U Can Do It 2”. Mr. Del has always lived outside of the box, and subsequently, has never wanted to be categorized into a particular genre.

This is the second annual conference. Last year was a huge success, boasting over 200 people with no other promotions other than internet marketing. This year, they have started early to ensure that our event will be an overwhelming triumph for the Body of Christ and the Hip Hop Movement.

It promises to be an entertaining as well as a spiritually enlightening event whether you are a hip hop fan or not. It will be held at Grace Celebration Lutheran Church located at 8601 Trinity Road Cordova, TN 38018. This event is completely FREE of charge and open to everyone.

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