Review – Rawsrvnt – Makin’ Moves

Rawsrvnt (pronounced raw servant) delivers up a fresh set of beats and lyrics with “Makin’ Moves,” a gritty, krunk/rasta-infused album in the vein of such artists like Chalwell or Pettidee. He brings it raw, uncut, and extremely danceable. But, he’s also shrewd enough to keep his style versatile, crafting beats that are fast, slow, and mid-tempo. This is great music without all the debauchery that leads to stupidity and regret.  

“Shake Sum’than” starts things out and invites to people to the dance floor while keeping things God-glorfying. “I’m Still A Solider” is a track with a militaristic beat and bent, using imagery of being a solider in Christ’s eternal army as its theme. The production on the levels of this track could have been a little better, as from time to time it was difficult to make out what Rawsrvnt is saying. “Get ‘Em Up” features Khul Rhema and could hold its own against any track on the secular mark. The first minute of the song I was afraid that the song might not say anything of importance, but then it ends up being a piece that invites people to throw their hands in the air for a party that praises God. On paper, that might seem a bit cheesy, but the delivery is flawless. “Bows Up,” “Go,” and “Aaahh Yeah” also continue to drive the party vibe of the album forward.  

But, as stated earlier, Rawsrvnt also knows how to diversify his style. He slows things down without sacrificing methodology on tracks like, “Breathe, “Tell ‘Em,” “Extravagant,” and the very moving “Tears 4 Peers.”

Rawsrvnt brings the truth of the gospel over South Florida beats that is both self-aware and culturally-cognizant. He takes cues where he can from the current music scene while also offering his own style to the genre. Fans of sun-baked Florida rap and krunk won’t be disappointed by the outing.  

Release Date: September 18, 2007

Record Label: Soul Deep Ministries  (Indie)

Track Listing

  1. Shake Sum’than
  2. St8 Up Awesome
  3. I’m Still A Soldier
  4. Get ‘Em Up featuring Khul Rhema
  5. Breathe
  6. Help Me!
  7. Bows Up (FLA Anthem) featuring Pettidee
  8. What It Iz?!!
  9. Go!! featuring Grav of E.O.G.
  10. Aaahh Yeah
  11. I’m Warning You
  12. Tell ‘Em featuring Tony P.
  13. Enough
  14. Romans 12:2
  15. Extravagant
  16. Tears 4 Peers
  17. Hold On featuring Cooper

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