Manafest to Release New Album June 24 2008 “Citizens Activ”


Manafest will drop a new album entitled "Citizens Actic" with BEC Recordings on June 24 2008. Manafest told us in Nashville during the GMA's that this album will have more Hip Hop then the previous releases and of course some Hard Rock that the Japanese love him for.

  Citizens Activ is about people that are taking action in their lives & communities and striving for a dream that is bigger than they are. This record is a fusion of Hard Rock, Hip-Hop, mixed with pop styles that'll will make this album a classic for years to come. When writing for this album "Citizens Activ", Manafest wanted to make every song stand out and have its own personality. To do this he had to take on the character and persona of each track. Since the album "Citizens Activ" is so diverse fusing Rock, Hip-Hop and pop styles together it allowed him to be creative and stretch as an artist. The record features Manafest singing a lot more with songs like "Steppin Out" "Top Of The World" and "Lean on Me" giving it that pop commercial flavor. When asked about the record, Manafest said "In my case I'm speaking about the musical journey of being an artist, like sleeping on floors, driving through the night and being away from home. The result is seeing kids lives affected in a positive way and knowing you played a small part in it."


1.   4321  
2.   So Beautiful  
3.   Steppin Out  
4.   Good Day  
5.   Free  
6.   Break Up  
7.   Top Of The World  
8.   Kick It  
9.   Lean On Me  
10.   Turn It Up  
11.   Live On


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