Home Press Releases “Holy South Supremacy” Drops June 3

“Holy South Supremacy” Drops June 3

“Holy South Supremacy” Drops June 3

From Grammy nominated and Stellar award winning Mr. Del, comes the fourth album in the Holy South series from the Christian rap group in the South; Mr. Del Presents: “Holy South, Supremacy.”

ImageWhen asked about the customer expectations of Holy South Supremacy, Mr. Del responded, “Every Holy South album is a praise album with the foundation of ministry. We like to stay consistent here at Holy South Records. You can expect the same thing you’ve been getting for the last eight years, and it keeps getting better!”

The album features fierce collaborations with Pettidee, Canton Jones, and iROCC Williams, as well as members of the Holy South family; Mr. Del, TK, M-Eazy and others. Mr. Del and the Holy South Family are totally led by the Holy Spirit as far as music & lyrics. They let the Holy Spirit minister through them to deliver an offering to the world.

They guarantee an incredible listening experience, all the while evoking a spiritual encounter that will help the listener come into the presence of God!

Holy South will be going digital, “Supremacy” will be first album produced by Holy South Records to be available to download from iTunes. Holy South Supremacy drops June 3 2008.

For more information about Holy South visit www.holysouth.com or www.myspace.com/holysouthmusic


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