Reach Records, April Fools Joke

April 1st, Reach Records had a funny April Fools joke about a new addition to their roster: Verb:31. Check it out below.

Reach Records is pleased to announce the latest addition to the roster, VERB:31 to the 116 clique family! These young ladies are NOT ASHAMED of their faith and Reach is amped about supporting them in their ministry!

Biography The blue print of Scriptures communicates many examples of virtuous women for us to admire. You can read of Deborah and her courage in the book of Judges. You can capture the unparalleled faith of Esther in her self-titled book. We all know the significance of Mary Mother of Jesus, the hunger of Mary and the service of Martha. Even the tenacity of the Syrophoenicain women, who didn’t mind calling herself a dog, in order to be the only person to win an argument with Christ.

We at Reach are proud to present to you our first female hip hop group VERB:31. The group, with one of the craziest backgrounds in music, consists of a unique trio of believing sisters in Christ, Slim D, Sista Soul Winna and SnoWhite. The group was discovered at a Red Revolution event in Miami in 2007. The irony gets better because the group is racially diverse. Their goal is to be an example of God’s love to all by promoting racial reconciliation.

Growing up in the inner city streets of Vermont, SnoWhite knows the hardships that life can bring. SW believes that her summer days helping with her grandmother’s garden has taught her discipline and patience. But also growing up around a scarce number of minorities encouraged her to pick up hobbies that could challenge her to learn and love others. And she thought hip hop was the only way.

Sista Soul Winna grew up in Alaska, the daughter of missionaries to Eskimoes, but spent the bulk of her teen days in Anchorage glued to mainland American hip hop culture. There SSW saw many of her friends become addicted to sleeping pills due to the Polar Days. Her parents were devoted and taught her the importance of Discipleship and Evangelism. She said her heart grew burdened whenever she watched MTV and wondered, ” do kids really act like that?” She would later move to the Dallas Metroplex to work with Plumbline ministries and Lifeline Bible Fellowship. There she met SnoWhite and they would form the group VERB:31. Later Slim D was added to the mix during a short tour in Jamaica where D opened up for the group and captivated everyone present with her mixture of rap and slam poetry.

When asked about the meaning behind their name SnoWhite said, ” Just like the 116 Clique has a cool scripture to use to promote their music, we wanted to communicate that God desires to see his ladies rep him in character and virtue. We wanted to use 1 Peter 3:3-4 but that doesn’t really flow as well as Proverbs 31.”

The group will bring a new sound and dynamic to Reach Records. With hard hitting vocals and lyrics, VERB:31 compliments their edginess with a timely throwback sound from the early 90’s made modern. They will begin working on the debut album, Grey 4 GOD this summer. When you purchase their album you will get their passion for God, Christ centered lyrics and unapologetic race commentary. Check out a lyric from Sista Soul Winna in their song The Prejudice of Racism, “I can’t erase my skin, just like I can’t erase my sin/ so don’t judge me by the outside but by the spirit within/”

Not only does VERB:31 want to bring a light to the worlds darkness and provide the rescue for the sinner, but use that same Gospel message to encourage the church to sincerely demonstrate the love of Christ by loving people no matter the color of skin, eyes, hair, or lips.

The ladies hope to join the fellas on some of the Summer dates for the Unashamed Tour.


Written by Rapzilla

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