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In the Press: Artist blends Hip-hop, history & theology

In the Press: Artist blends Hip-hop, history & theology

 Staring at the cocaine in his hand while his mother prayed over him was a defining moment in Quincy Jones’ life. Only a few days earlier, the 21-year-old was confronted with his need for a savior and put his faith in Jesus Christ. Now, he faced a dilemma: Sell the last bit of his cocaine in order to pay his bills or flush it down the toilet and trust God to provide.

After her prayer, his mother said, "Quincy, you need to throw that away for all that the Lord has done for you and how He has protected you." In that decisive moment, he surrendered everything to God, turning completely from his former life of dealing and using drugs. A friend began to disciple him and helped him get involved in ministering to young people in the Washington, D.C., area. He soon discovered that his heart for ministry and passion for Hip-hop music could be used in tandem to champion the God who had rescued him from his waywardness. When a young Hip-hop artist started coming to his church, Jones felt impressed to pray for his salvation. A month later, he became a Christian. After another friend came to Christ several months later, the three formed the Christian Hip-hop group Christcentric and began to write songs that echoed the heartbeat of the Reformers centuries ago.

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