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Rapzilla:You are currently working on a new album, can you tell me more about it?

Viktory: yes, it's still in the early stages… i haven't selected a release date quite yet, but… im really pleased wit hthe sound of the music. It's called Son of the King. I know alot of people have used King in their titles…  TI, Rob Hodge, etc, but, I didn't select that name based on trends, i chose that name for it's spiritual connotation over just aesthetics

Rapzilla: lol you answered most of my questions in your small phrases.🙂

Viktory: lol

ImageRapzilla: Even though there isn't a release date yet, when do you expect it to come out?

Viktory: Late spring, summerIm working hard to make this my best album yet from all perspectives, lyrically, spiritually, all that.

Rapzilla: How will this album be different from your previous work?

Viktory: it's more grown up. I'll still bring the usual viktory style of music, but the issues i address are a little more mature, and the musical landscape is a little edgier than usual.

Rapzilla: Any collabs?

Viktory: Yes I'm working on a collab with Japhia Life, – I decided to do a Japhia Life collab because i enjoy dudes approach to the music up until this point, i think he has a effortless swag – and a few other surprises that im not ready to give away. But, im trying different things in the collab area – expect some surprises.

Rapzilla: How about on the production side?

Viktory: I'm going in a different direction on this project. Tony Stone handled the bulk of the production on my previous album, this time around im working with Witness of the Frontlynaz and J Pierre. They handled the majority of the load. I got a single from MadSkrewz, Tony Stone is on the album again, Tonex and I working ideas, and that's about it.

Rapzilla:  How much time do you spend in the studio working on a song?

Viktory: that depends on the song. If there is a vocalist it could take forever. I'm recording this in a studio i built in my home, which means we can sit there and play with the sounds forever. I usually call in a vocal coach with my singers, and we sit there and beat songs to death. To answer your question, i'd say anywhere form 2 hours to 2 weeks.

Rapzilla: Any last words?

Viktory: Be on the lookout for the new project!! and God Bless!!!


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