When theBREAX Sold Out… April 1st


In an era where music sales are at an all time low and internet piracy runs rampant, many artists feel the pressure to create a hit ringtone or secure a corporate endorsement to be perceived as commercially successful. So due to inflation, staggering record sales, the economy, global warming, rising gas prices, the war in Iraq, and the current election year, Underground Hip-Hop has possibly lost another one of its most hopeful groups to the dark side.

After making a solid buzz with the 2007 release of their self titled album, Rawkus Records declared theBREAX one of the "next 50 important Hip-Hop acts" gaining the group international attention. theBREAX brought in 2008 with a strong appearance on Syntax Record's Night Owls 4 featuring LMNO. All seemed well until, they remixed Jay-Z's album American Gangster naming their version Eye Am Gangster. Clearly being Jay-Z's favorite undeclared remix album of all time, Eye Am Gangster was received with praise, placing the remix in the top five of many online blogs and remix contests. It was also met with a level of backlash and distrust by fans that developed different expectations from the group based on their previous project.

In the spirit of "breaking out of the box," theBREAX have decided to go for the Benjamin's in 2008 with their new album entitled When theBREAX Sold Out, which is set to release on April 1st, 2008 on Eye Am Productions. The album features guest appearances from Rufat, TruthbTold (Ifunds), Afaar, Kinfolk, Roc Rok, Yung Tage, Proverb the Poet, and flaunts Production credits from Nathan Soultrain, MotionPlus, Rocwilder, Soleternity, Steve Stanz, Ruslan, and Name Brand. The album will also mark DJ Beleaf's producing debut as he contributes a track to the project. So have theBREAX really sold out? How far will they go with this project? Have they lost their moral compass? Is this a joke? Or is this artistic brilliance? Fans and critics will have to wait and buy the album to find out.


1. Ready to Sell Out
Produced by Nathan Soultrain

2. BREAX Is Everywhere
Produced by Name Brand

3. Wake Up (feat. Rufat)
Produced by Ruslan, bassline by Name Brand

4. Get Ignorant
Produced by Ruslan

5. Its West Coast (feat. Kinfolk & Roc Rok)
Produced by Soleternity

6. Swing
produced by Name Brand, co produced by Ruslan, Live bass by Mic B

7. Two Miles an Hour
Produced by Beleaf Melanin, co produced by Ruslan, Name Brand

8. I Got It (feat. Yung Tage, & Proverb the Poet)
Produced by Rocwilder

9. More
Produced by Name Brand, co produced by Ruslan

10. Bang Bang
Produced by MotionPlus

11. Baby I'm Gone (feat. TruthBTold, & Afaar)
Produced by Steve Stanz

12. Wanna to Love
Produced by Name Brand

13. Bumper Sticker
Produced by Ruslan

Release year: 2008
For fans of: Pop rap, West coast hip-hop and lyricism, Future Shock, Tonex, Lightheaded, 4th Avenue Jones, and Adeem

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